What is work experience at Regital?

Work experience is a powerful gift a company should give. It offers career guidance and mentorship. For young people finding companies that offer work experience is difficult. Businesses (and especially busy agencies) are understandably concerned about expending resources. But it really doesn’t need to be costly and time-consuming. The benefits of running work experience far outweigh the cons. Every time Regital has invited students into the office (and even virtually during the pandemic) the team seem more energised and inspired. Running a successful placement unearths new perspectives for everyone and it reminds us why we do our jobs. 

Working with Bedford High School, Leigh

Earlier this year we took part in a careers initiative at an employees old school as part of our social values programme. After the event, we were approached to offer work experience for some pupils. So we did. 

This is what Oliver and Charlie had to say…

Charlie says...

Throughout the week I have had a tour of all of the different sections of work in Regital and have learned so much in the office and in meetings during the week. I feel like I have had a great amount of time in every section and have learnt the main parts about all of them. I’ve also had a glimpse of how the office works and how important the environment of the office is.

I loved working in planning, because it showed me the type of things that the planners talk to the client about. An example of this would be the different types of advertising and the different costs involved. Some of the enjoyable things that I liked about the planning side was that the varied advertising that goes on and I never really knew that you could actually pay for your advertisement to be in the middle of a game. I’ve also seen the different things that you can use phone location data to target people with a specific ad, and that you can create things like spreadsheets which include where you should spend your money. It’s all done to help the client choose where there ad’s can be implemented. I learnt all about the process.

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The other thing that I learnt all about was trading. This was great and honestly the thing that If I was to go down this path I would choose. For me this section was really fun and the fact that you are the last one in the chain and the person who has to set up the adverts in the specific locations. The traders make sure that the ads will have the most impact for the campaign, and that the client is happy with the results. 

Overall I have had a great work experience and everyone has been welcoming throughout the week. It gave me a glimpse of what work life at Regital was like. From working in the office to having health shots with everyone, to learning about all programmatic jobs, and even the importance of people’s health and wellbeing in the workplace. I feel that Regital have done a great job of welcoming me and Oliver to the workplace and gave us a lot of information in a short time about everything that they do. 

I am grateful for the work experience and have enjoyed every minute of it and that the whole team behind Regital have been really welcoming and inviting.

Loved the experience and the healthy drinks 🙂


Oliver says...

Over the week I have learned so much.  It has been such a great experience. This week I have learned four key things about the programmatic industry. Firstly I have learned all about trading, and what this subject is all about is using the clients money to spend on getting their ads all over the web. This isn’t as easy as it sounds as there are many categories to this job that are key, some examples of these categories would be contextual ads. What these are, are a set group of people that are targeted by specific ads. So say if you use football websites and watch football videos then a football ad would be targeted at you. The second thing I have learned throughout the week would be wellbeing. This was extremely interesting as this teaches us how you don’t have to go straight into your workplace and get work done. You have a good chat with people you know and also try to meet new people as well. 

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The third thing I have learnt about during the work experience would be planning. This a key part of the media business as this is where all the price’s and place’s of the ads are sorted out. Some things that I’ve learned from this is how ads can be set up depending on where your current location is. For example if you are in Manchester and a well known football fan you have a higher possibility you will get a Man Utd or Man City ad rather than a Liverpool ad. The final thing I have learned throughout my time at regital would be how work doesn’t have to be just work but you can have fun and enjoy yourself at work which i think isn’t really shown much. 

I have had a great experience at Regital that I will remember for a while. I tried some “health shot’s” which I would never have thought to try before and also I had a shot of apple cider vinegar which was actually quite nice. Overall I will be genuinely sad to leave as it has been a great week and I don’t know what to say except thank you to the whole team for being really nice, helpful and welcoming. 


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