Wellness Wednesday

Followers of our social media will be familiar with the Regital team’s Wellness Wednesday. A midweek pick-me-up designed to focus our attention on health, happiness and work-life balance. A hugely important part of our culture, on Wellness Wednesday we focus our efforts into communicating with one another and taking some well-deserved time away from our desks.

It looks to lay the groundwork for a balanced and happy life, as well as to help everyone at Regital develop healthier habits and coping mechanisms. Importantly, while participation in Wellness Wednesday is encouraged for all members of the team, it is not forced; we simply wish to make the experience available and viable for everyone who may need it. 

In this blog, we wanted share more about how Wellness Wednesday has helped us create a more chilled out and balanced work environment.

Wellness Water
Delicious Infused Water

It’s what’s inside that counts

Alongside the engaging activities we organise as a team such as meditation, mindfulness practice and even colour therapy, we also understand that a healthy body leads to a healthier mindset. Therefore, on Wellness Wednesday we make more effort to ensure that the food we are putting into our bodies is nourishing and healthier than the, perhaps one too many sweet and savoury snacks we enjoy at the office. We replace these with deliciously and creatively infused waters, fruit and even protein balls which are hand-prepared in the kitchen by our team. We also encourage employees to opt for plant-based food that day, to ensure we are caring for our bodies and planet together. On Wellness Wednesday, the team often sits down to eat lunch together; this has the added health benefit of bringing colleagues closer to one another, enabling conversation and communication. This shared experience of making and sharing food with one another creates tighter and stronger bonds between employees and teams, boosting morale and friendships. 

Christmas wreath making
Christmas wreath making

Plug out and tune in

Working in a fast-paced and demanding industry like programmatic advertising means that the team at Regital are always plugged in; checking emails and working across a number of interfaces and technologies. This can lead to digital burn-out, where employees are mentally and physically exhausted. It is massively important for the physical and mental wellbeing of the team, that we encourage employees to secure some valuable time away from their desks  to check in with themselves, and check out of their list of responsibilities. One way in which we ensure this is through the organising of various fun and low-pressure team activities, such as our Christmas wreath-making or even a more strenuous outdoor activity, like hill-walking. Whatever the activity, it simply has to ensure that it takes place away from desks, allowing the team to move around, communicate and work together. These team-building activities allow our hard-working employees some well-deserved time to focus on their health, switch off from their responsibilities and have fun. 

Lunchtime Yoga
Lunchtime Yoga

Wellness, Everyday

While the Wednesday initiative has been integral to improving our health and happiness as a team overall, it is only worthwhile if these lessons are adapted into Regital’s overall work culture. Sometimes it’s the little things that count, which is why we ensure the maintenance and consistency of break out spaces where our employees can take a breather as and when required.

The initiative has even led to the formation of an environmental team that meet up on a monthly basis to discuss how we as a company and on an individual basis can become more environmentally sound. We share tips on what we can do to make a difference, encouraging us to think about the little things we can all do in order to have a greater impact. 

We’re proud of the way in which the whole team has taken to Wellness Wednesday, with many going on to adopt some of the practices we have learned together into their daily lives. That is testament to our Studio Manager, SamS who started Wellness Wednesday off her own back. Like many of the best ideas, it came organically from our team.  That is something that we like to think makes us pretty unique and a great place to work. 

We always wanted Wellness Wednesday to about starting conversations, and to be an open forum for discussion. A place where the team are encouraged to take the time to consider their health and work life balance, and redress this if needs be. We’re delighted with how it’s going, and are looking forward to it developing further.

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