The MadTech Webcast: Google Kills the Third-Party Cookie

We took part in the MadTech Webcast with ExchangeWire where Michelle Vint and the other panelists discussed the likely effects of a privacy-first web on the digital advertising industry.

It was a lively debate, with a stellar panel from the programmatic community, unanimously agreeing that aggregated data sources such as Skyrise Intelligence are going to give advertisers the greatest advantage now Google has made it clear they’ll not replace the cookie.    

Moderator: – Ciaran O’Kane (CEO, ExchangeWire)

– Michelle Vint (Co-Founder, Regital)
– Rhys Willams (Tech and Activation Lead, the7satrs)
– Dora Michail-Clendinnen (Chief Strategy Officer, The Ozone Project)
– Rob Webster (Founder, Canton Solutions)