Social Value


Regital has a proud reputation of giving back. We’ve always tried to do the right thing by our people, our suppliers and by supporting charity. We haven’t always been good at formalising or communicating this. So in 2019 we launched our Be Sound project. Like many things, it was derailed by the pandemic. We got it back on track, and in 2020 we partnered with a social changemaker to guide us further. In 2021 we went out on our own and engaged with Brixton Finishing School on ADCademy.

In 2022 we want to go further. We want to do more. We can do more. 

We’re putting social values at the heart of Regital. We want to be the UK’s best programmatic marketing specialist. And we want to achieve this while being a good corporate citizen. We’ve spent time reflecting on how we can have the most positive impact on the world around us. 

This is our guide on how we can achieve that. The Regital way.


We recognise that happier, healthier employees are better programmatic specialists. Wellness Wednesday has become the stuff of urban legend and envy in agency land. It opitomises ‘be sound”. From creating a positive workspace, hosting workshops, providing free healthy snacks and leading us to train dedicated mental health first aiders. 

This year we’re committed to doing all the fab things you’d expect from us along with a few new things;  

  • Tackle the menopause taboo 
  • Formalise a mentorship programme
  • Get a Financial expert to give guidance on personal finance

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Statistically we’re ok when it comes to diversity, and we’re especially good for our sector. Being honest, this is not always by design. We’re working our way through making Regital as attractive as possible to everyone while looking at how we remove bias from our recruiting process. 

We need to improve our knowledge and policies around gender and LGBTQ+. That’s a given. Thinking around this has taken great leaps forward and we’re now playing a bit of catch-up.

  • All staff will undertake EDI training. 
  • Develop a diversity working group 
  • Invest in embedding inclusive language into our behaviours and policies


We’re (probably) not big contributors to messing up the planet – although digital advertising needs to do more. And we will. We want to be a carbon neutral business, but to do that we need to find out what our carbon contribution is.

It’s great that our team cares about the environment. Their commitment is the only way real change can happen. We all need to do more. Even if it’s only the little things. 

Our immediate environmental goals are;

  • Start the journey to becoming net carbon neutral by 2025
  • Calculate our carbon footprint through a recognised standard 
  • Develop an environmental policy to ensure we’re on a path to reduction and reuse, rather than just trying to offset everything.
  • Put in place a refurbished tech policy
  • Retain our flexible working model to ensure staff don’t need to travel every day
  • Make individual micro-improvements and become more sustainable (eg. recycling more, less coffee cups, walk not uber)


We want to do more to help our local community. Too many people are struggling in this country, and we want to do what we can to help. That will include

  • Supporting Brixton Finishing School on ADCademy and ADventure to upskill young people most removed from employment.
  • Introduce paid volunteering for all our team
  • Match fund charitable donations raised by employees 


We want to be the best programmatic marketing specialist we can. And we want to achieve this while being a good business. The corporate world, and especially the advertising industry, can be a powerful force for good when it is guided by a moral compass. As well as continuing to support our communities by paying our taxes and providing people with fairly-paid jobs, we’re redoubling our efforts to make Regital a great place to work both, for and with. 

  • Retain accreditation with the Good Business Charter.
  • Engage in regional business communities
  • Develop a Programmatic Skills for Good initiative