our services.

Programmatic Campaigns


Our Programmatic Campaigns will enhance your marketing activity. We can help you drive traffic, increase sales, get more leads, or gain brand exposure. We’ve got years of experience in ad operations, data science, and programmatic algorithms. This allows us to design campaigns that identify the right audiences.

location Based Marketing


We use location data to gain a better understanding of customers. This allows you to reach them with advertising at the most appropriate time and place. Through accurate geo-fencing, we build highly customised audiences based on a mobile user’s real world behaviour, location and movements.
Advisory Services


Whether you’re a brand advertiser just getting started with programmatic, or you’re an agency or publisher looking for a partner to help you with best practise, Regital can help you. With programmatic changing the way brands approach modern marketing, we offer advisory services and programmatic consulting.
Marketing Intelligence


Everything we do at Regital is informed by data. By combining real-world and digital data and then applying marketing intelligence and analytics we give our customers the insights needed to get ahead of the competition.