the Brief

The security business was looking to improve audience awareness of their smart lock systems and accurately target individuals likely to want to purchase one.  As a recognisable and trustworthy name in the home security industry, Yale enjoys a strong reputation and good relationship with its audience base. However as homes have been made evermore suitable for smart home tech, there has been an increased interest in adopting smart lock home security. Big tech businesses like Amazon and Google have had a stronghold on smart home tech, but Yale wanted to carve out their own unique space in the market.

Crime Map

our focus

Drawing on a range of resources, Regital were able to work with Yale to deliver support in audience targeting and supplement an already robust TV campaign. Before go-live, Regital did some vital audience research into the sector, concluding that both household affluence and high crime rates would be two data points to target for this campaign. We identified that there was both a want and a need for smart home security; where affluent households wanted the innovation of smart security, those in high crime areas needed the guaranteed safety of a digital lock.  

Collating data from the UK postcode census with police crime statistics, we were able to create a multi-layered campaign which accurately targeted both consumer markets. Analysing and feeding in the census data and the police crime data to build out bespoke, relevant segments to target against proved very effective in this campaign and yielded strong results. 

The Results

This campaign saw a 22% increase in brand awareness for Yale, as well as 71% more engagement with the product in high crime areas. Additionally it secured a reach of 7 million, ensuring further brand and product awareness.

71% more engagement in high crime areas
22% Increase in brand awareness
7M People reached

Digital advertising was extremely effective in supporting the TV spend. Throughout the campaign, all digital activity and click-through rates were well beyond benchmark figures.

(UK Managing Director)