We used household income and crime data to create audience targets​

We built target segments using postcode level data sourced from the UK census and police crime statistics.

Yale is a brand synonymous with door security, and are perfectly positioned to capitalise on the growing demand for smart home security. We worked with Yale to supplement TV activity, targeting an audience who would most likely buy a smart lock.

Audience research by our team led to a hypothesis that household affluence and crime levels would be the two biggest factors to pinpoint this audience

We built target segments using postcode level crime data, overlaid with census data to show affluence.

We knew a smart door lock would appeal to those with both a want and need. Affluent households want the innovation that comes with smart home technology, and those in high crime areas have the greatest need for smart home security.

Custom segments were twice as effective at driving campaign responses

We saw a clear link that our custom audiences of affluent users in high crime areas were twice as effective at driving responses to the Yale site. We optimised the campaign accordingly to get the most from the budget.

Marketing intelligence value was added to the campaign as an interactive dashboard allows Yale to easily understand which of their distribution partner stores are most likely to reach a smart lock audience.