Stoves have been providing high-end cookers and appliances for more than 90 years. Seasoned experts in their field, the kitchen appliance company wished to capture the attention of a new audience, raising brand awareness and increasing overall traffic to their website.


The Amazon platform offers enormous data and insight, which can be extracted for the benefit of experts when targeting in-market customers. This is especially true of the homeware sector, and it proved an excellent starting point for this campaign.

Using the available search data from Amazon, we were able to identify users that were in-market for cookers, cooking utensils and homeware items. We then aggregated this information with data from premium site whitelists and third party Oracle data. This allowed us to identify the relevant pages on which to advertise the campaign, such as sites dedicated to cooking and kitchens, as well as popular, highly searched sites like the Guardian.

Additionally, we also deployed the secondary tactic of leveraging Stoves own first-party data and website visitors for retargeting, with more ‘lower funnel’ transactional ad messaging.

The Results

CTRs were extremely high, especially from the Oracle keyword strategies; CTRs consistently sat at over 0.5%, a figure significantly over target. We also achieved a massive amount of on-target reach.