the Brief

RIXO is an influential fashion brand that specialises in creating covetable, hand-printed pieces inspired by a love of vintage. With a highly engaged Instagram following, RIXO are well-known; however for the launch of their newest collaboration collection with iconic French designer Christian Lacroix, they wanted to attract both new and existing customers to purchase the collection. Committed to keeping the range under wraps, there had only been teaser trailers shared across RIXO’s channels. RIXO approached us to help with creating and running a paid social campaign, to launch at the same time as the collection was revealed at London Fashion Week and to capitalise on immediate interest. It was key that these ads targeted both RIXO’s established audience, while also capturing the attention of fashion forward/ conscious consumers beyond the brand’s usual bracket.

our Approach

The capsule collection with Christian Lacroix was highly exclusive, and would only be made available online following its reveal at London Fashion Week. Following a detailed brief delivered by the RIXO team, we set to work immediately; the campaign was signed off just two days before go-live. The tight turn-around let us hit the ground running, quickly developing a funnelling strategy that would allow us to target specific audiences, and remarket to recent site visitors. Combined with the use of a variety of lookalike audiences based on key behavioural traits and competitor targeting, this laser-focus on key audiences was the crucial ingredient to the campaign’s success. We selected RIXO’s core social channels, Instagram and Facebook due to RIXO’s massive following on both and we used a variety of creative formats including single image ads, carousels, videos and sponsored Stories.

The creative and ad copy used in the campaign was fundamental to its overall success. RIXO’s team supplied us with a bank of images and videos of the collection, which we adapted to optimise for various ad formats. Experimenting with these formats allowed us to showcase the distinctive designs, represent the brand well and be fleet-footed with rotating ad creative depending on performance. Remarketing to receptive audiences was also key; due to the high value of RIXO’s products, repetitive messaging was effective at moving consumers along the journey to convert.

The Results

Closely monitored over the two week period that it was live, the RIXO campaign performed phenomenally well. The overall return on media spend finished at an average 8.80 times the budget spent, and we saw excellent engagement with ads and a CTR of 1.7%.

Looking at the breakdown of these results, prospecting activity saw an increase of 2% and delivered excellent return on actual spend, at just below 6, compared to remarketing, which as we anticipated saw the strongest results with ROAS of 11.3.

1.7% CTR
2% prospecting activity increase
11.3% ROAS