the Brief

Iconic butter brand, Lurpak®, was launching Mini Blocks exclusively in Morrison stores. Aimed at younger food lovers seeking the convenience of a smaller one-occasion butter portion to guarantee freshness every time, the client was looking for product awareness in their target audience.


Lurpak® used behavioural and location information based on mobile telco data to identify key segments and target consumers who would be most likely to buy the new Mini Blocks product from Morrisons.

Using anonymised aggregated data from Skyrise Intelligence we were able to profile the audience against 20 million mobile phone users. This gave us a rich profile of the target audience, discovering the locations near Morrison stores where deployment would be most effective based on digital affinities.

The data gave us an incredibly accurate profile of three key audiences which we then looked to identify through various Skyrise audience signals. 

Mobile geo data can tell you where someone lives, where they work, how they travel, what shops and restaurants they visit, what time they get up in the morning and what time they go to bed. It goes beyond location though, as the data also showed what domains someone is visiting, what they’re searching for, what apps they have downloaded and how long they use the apps for.


We backed our intelligent profiling by splitting campaign spend 60/30/10 with the majority of investment going to Skyrise powered activation. We activated cross device with a suite of standard IAB formats.

20% of budget went on utilising audience solutions based on deterministic behaviours from social data via Fifty Media and Morrisons radius targeting. 10% was used against video assets tested against contextual environments, based on a “foodie” inclusion list and premium news and lifestyle environments.


Skyrise offered a clear differentiation, yielding meaningful incremental reach by unlocking audience clusters that were largely ‘ignored’ by the interchangeable geo footprints of 3rd party derived audiences, which were heavily focussed on large cities.

This becomes particularly pertinent when looking at performance through the prism of a KPI based on ‘clicks’, and the programmatic context. Algorithms are geared to deliver against a simple KPI, but we needed to balance this with our broader task – awareness within defined audiences that shopped at Morrisons. There is a clear distinction in the methodology behind the data gathered and therefore each flight represented a viable and complementary method for a reach / branding based campaign.

CTR remained consistent most days at around 0.13%. Coupled with a strong start and optimisations improving performance, the campaign hit an average of 0.15%, which is not only a positive for a display campaign (benchmarking to 0.10%) this was achieved with flat images. By setting DSP view duration thresholds, we were able to deliver higher quality impressions, that register with a user and aid consideration.

The Results

50% above benchmark ctr
11 Million Impressions
16.7k+ clicks
1.8 Million unique reach

To achieve positive results across all metrics on a product launch campaign was a significant win for Lurpak Mini-Blocks thanks to the sophistication of Regital’s audience insight, buying and activation.