the Brief

Already a household name, Hoover enlisted the team at Regital to design a campaign that would help to promote its new Hoover H-Free C300, its range of H700 Cordless Vacuums and one of Hoover’s most innovative products, the AXI washing machine as well as enhance brand reputation. Hoover decided to embark on a campaign to modernise their brand and promote their products as both innovative and stylish in design. In order to do this, they wanted to use consumer data to drive DOOH activity.

our focus

Recognising Hoover’s strong position as a brand within this market, the team at Regital quickly determined that the campaign would be most effective if delivered across a combination of multi-device rich media and accurately placed DOOH. Initially we carried out a third party research project, which highlighted the three core audience profiles for the client; Young Urban Techies, Aspirationals and Women aged 25-54. 

 We created a collaborative programmatic campaign, using the same platform to buy all inventory. By indexing location activity on the campaign on a daily basis, we were able to identify postcodes where audiences were most engaged. This data led us to increase campaign activity and deliver Out of Home ads to the postcodes with the strongest display performance. In doing so we successfully aligned delivery to where interest was peak, resulting in minimal ad wastage.

DOOH buying was further informed in real time by digital display activity, allowing the team to monitor all interaction garnered from display by postcode. 

The Results

As a direct result of our activity on the campaign, we found that Hoover saw a massive 180% increase in click-through rate for Hoover’s ads. This finding was further bolstered by a 70% improvement in viewability and an increase of 88% in OOH exposure.


“The campaign was a real success, with large volumes of traffic was sent to all retail partners as well as the hoover site. Activity was highest in city regions, which correlated with where Hoovers target demographics are based.”

(Director of Brand and Communications, Hoover Candy)


Digital advertising was extremely effective in supporting the TV spend. Throughout the campaign, all digital activity and click-through rates were well beyond benchmark figures.

(UK Managing Director)