Crackd is an innovation product in the UK FMCG sector. It required innovative campaign planning and activation to ensure a challenger brand could raise brand awareness amongst the dominance of big food.  Mobile network data gave the campaign a competitive edge and allowed for sophisticated activation

the Brief

Crackd is a plant based egg replacer. As a new to market challenger they wanted to activate a head-turning multi-channel campaign for ‘Crackd The No-Egg Egg’. 

Working with CNS Media, the aim was to raise awareness of the brand in the vegan community. The campaign was deployed across programmatic display, mobile, social, TV and video advertising, all underpinned by Skyrise Intelligence data and insight.


Activity was designed to target a vegan audience, with an interest in recipes and cooking. By leveraging anonymized mobile data and audience insights from Skyrise we were able to identify vegan audiences along with where they were located. This rich mobile data from 20m+ UK handsets included locations, interests, demography and app usage became central to campaign delivery.

Regital data analysts then leveraged these insights to identify audience clusters at postcode level built by integrating Crackd stockist store postcodes with the anonymized mobile data from Skyrise.


The research and groundwork to identify vegan audiences using dynamic mobile network data uncovered over-indexed audience areas and shifted targeting away from blanket awareness. This allowed for greater return on reach which was essential on a challenger brand awareness campaign.  

In order to target users who had been exposed to Crackd large-format ads, geo-behavioural data-sets were built by overlaying mobile-derived, location data on top of OOH locations. We were then able to re-engage those users that had walked past OOH placements with proximity ads when they had more time for consideration.

Using Sky AdSmart the intelligent datasets allowed targeting of different households watching the same programme in targeted areas that Skyrise Intelligence decisioning suggested buying. This allowed Crackd to advertise on national channels, but only to the relevant audiences and identifiable locations. 

The video and TV campaign comprised three ads, including one with Great British Menu chef Ruth Hansom, showcasing “bespoke vegan recipes”. Another featured prominent vegan Instagrammer Jenna Betts, who runs the account @DirtyVegazine, while the third featured South London chefs Nish and Harshil Modasia, who run vegan food business En Root. The OOH and display creative featured product hero imagery alongside retailer logos.


Using data insight from Skyrise and map-centric modelling we were able to analyse OOH screens score against specific vegan audiences and spatial data. This provided more stable results, as it prevents the impact of outliers and prioritises locations with a higher number of users seen in their proximity. Skyrise’s dayparting system provided insight on the audience by day and hour of the week, which we were able to analyse at a poster level.


Research carried out by The Vegan Society suggests that 45% of vegans are now familiar with the brand Crackd. With the campaign delivering 23 million impressions. The campaign received standout results from Sky AdSmart with 2.47m impressions reaching 337k at 7.3 average frequency per household.

Mobile ads delivered 4.6k clicks from 947k impressions with a CTR of 0.47%, with display bringing in an additional 2.7k clicks from 2.7m impressions. OOH delivered an impressive 1.9m impressions from just £75k spend. Facebook video delivered 1.3m impressions, 2.9k clicks, 24.5 Thruplay and 11.16% ad recall lift. 

Lucy Pullinger - Sky TV

With an increase of 17.4% in prompted brand awareness the Crackd campaign has set up a new record for Sky. We have done over 182 brand evaluations and the Crackd TV ad achieved the greatest increase in prompted brand awareness. Plus, it had a 14.9% uplift on aided advertising recall 317% higher than the usual benchmark.