the Brief

Christophe Robin is a luxury haircare brand, from The Hut Group (THG). Following a rebrand, we worked with Republic of Media to introduce the refreshed brand identity to new and existing customers. The objective was to increase brand awareness and salience at scale (against ODR benchmarks), looking to recruit new customers in the target audience of females 25-55. 


Using data insight from Skyrise Intelligence we analysed and created a bespoke audience targeting solution for luxury hair and beauty.

For geo-distribution we identified high indexing areas, with a close density within London. This allowed us to maximise spend and reduce wastage.


A 7 week campaign ran across five channels consisting of  a distinct three pronged strategic approach to dominate the audience space.



Christophe Robin wanted to target the most relevant events their audience was attending over the summer period. Using Skyrise Intelligence in-platform proximity tools we were able to select the most effective times and places to activate. The client was able to cover off transport hubs and commuting points around the venues, with timed activation based upon the schedule of events to coincide with audience movements and flow. Ultimately this allowed them to dominate the audience space, for a fraction of the cost a traditional media buy would have been.

  • London Fashion Week  
  • Chelsea Flower Show
  • London Design Festival
  • Pride London
  • Frieze Art Fair


With Skyrise using insight from mobile network providers and map-centric modelling, screens are scored against specific audiences and spatial data. Fusing assumptive knowledge with the sophistication of Skyrise data, areas of higher wealth were selected and DOOH estates identified within each – such as London Mayfair. Additional estates were selected based on being high-profile locations to benefit the brand status. External factors to complement activity were imputed such as proximity to spas and wellness centres, or stockists of the brand and competitor distribution points.

Always on - Display, Video, Mobile, OOH

Skyrise informed the whole DOOH estate selection. It allowed Christophe Robin to achieve a huge scale across a large number of DOOH estates within the  UK – all activated at the most effective times. The audience who had been in close proximity to one of the OOH sites were re-accessed at a later time.

Standard display and video, provided a blend of awareness and traffic driving. The activity was powered by Skyrise outputs, focused on highest indexing segments and top indexing domains for display. For YouTube, users aged between 22 and 55  years old, and fall into the ‘top spending power’ group on Skyrise insights were targeted on fashion and beauty websites. 


Using Skyrise to govern all channels allowed a cohesive activation strategy with the future potential to activate across more channels. Event moments complimented each other, bringing a layer of experiential activation. 

The campaign strengthened consideration of Christophe Robin in line with the ODR benchmarks – with particularly strong uplifts among the 35+ and Beauty audience. Purchase intent performance was double the benchmark, with uplifts evident across all audiences. 

The Results

The three-pronged approach gave the campaign a fresh and dynamic feel. We saw the best results from the ‘Highest’ indexing Skyrise audience. This was reflected in our budget split, with this group seeing more delivery than the others.