the Brief

ChloBo is a growing handmade jewellery brand, known for its signature ‘stackable’ design. It had an existing strong presence in retail partners and following investment, the company was keen to expand its direct-to-consumer offering and online presence with a data led approach to digital marketing.


Following exploratory analysis, our data science team conducted a CRM analysis of all historical first-party data. Data modelling allowed us to identify key themes on frequency and recency, by looking at spend analysis of how much and how regularly customers purchased. Product affinity analysis showed which products were most likely to be bought together, or by the same person. 

This created a complete client view of their online customers. We discovered and segmented the most valuable customers, and created key audience segments on which to activate.


We developed a plan to improve results by activating the CRM analysis results to reach the relevant audiences. 

  • Using lookalike modelling we found more high-value customers across Facebook, Instagram and Google.
  • We encouraged one-time customers to make a repeat purchase by targeting them with products they are most likely to buy.
  • We increased first-time customer sales by using products most likely to convert new customers in the adverts.


Throughout the campaign performance was monitored with optimisations made on a daily basis. To measure success we tracked campaign data alongside the broader on-site data in Google Analytics to ensure performance was exceeding targets as well as impacting the broader business goals.







ROAS Increase

Regital have been pivotal in the increase of our direct-to-consumer offering. By helping us understand more about our customers, they have not only improved our marketing efficiency, but also allowed us to plan product launches and collections in a way we couldn’t before. They have become a key partner in a short time, and look forward to the ongoing collaboration