How to target the Home Mover audience

With between 40,000 – 50,000 people moving home each week in the UK, and with an average move-related spend of £6,000, targeting the home move audience is crucial for many marketers. 

Knowing when your existing and potential customers are planning to move home, and more importantly where they are in the moving process, is a key opportunity for both customer acquisition and retention.

It’s not yet known the impact the ‘stamp duty holiday’ announced by the government will have, but early indicators from Zoopla suggest sales jumped by 27% in the first two weeks. If ‘home movers’ form part of your audience strategy, it’s a great time to target the segment.

Why Target Home-Movers?

Moving home is undoubtedly a key life event for most people. It’s also an event we do more than you might think. Every year, an average of 11% of the UKs (adult) population move house, according to the Office of National Statistics. 

It’s an event which motivates people to review their existing suppliers for the home, including utilities, phone and entertainment providers, and also to shop around for new products and services.  It’s estimated that 65% of home-movers will switch providers before, during or after a move. Anything and everything for the home is up for review from financial services, telco contracts, home improvements and DIY through to furniture and appliances.

Research from YouGov and revealed that the average home-mover spends around £5,000 on move-related goods and services, and £8,000 on home improvements within 12 months of moving. 

This makes for a £7bn market, and gives a great opportunity for relevant product and service providers to serve targeted ads and offers to prospective new customers. Similarly existing service providers should be ramping up the effort to ensure current customers don’t switch away from them with retention campaigns.

By understanding who the home-mover audience is, and where they are located on any given day, at any given time, we have powerful actionable insight on which to plan and activate a media campaign.

Target Home Movers

Move towards the Mover with data

Marketers need access to data and technologies that allow them to identify their customers’ changing life circumstances and engage with them in real time. Generally speaking, the sooner in the user journey you’re able to identify the customer the better, as competition between brands only increases further down the line. The next challenge marketers face is ensuring that the data is accurate, and responds in real time to changes within the market.

Dynamic data sources are the solution to exactly that, providing marketers with data that tells them when home-movers are most in need of their products and services. With analysis of huge data sets and trends, we can often highlight this need long before the consumer is even aware. Skyrise Intelligence, allows us to build complex audience segments such as this and then activate ads to engage them. We can use a number of data signals to build an audience within the platform, such as location, movement and demography.

For home-movers the most obvious starting place is with the apps that they are frequently using as well as the websites they visit when looking for a home. To profile a general home-mover audience we would start with users that are frequently using home mover apps and websites such as Zoopla and Rightmove, as this tends to be one of the first steps in the process. For brands with a more premium product, we can take this build one step further and include affluence within the audience profile. By understanding who the home mover audience is, and where they are located on any given day, at any given time, we have powerful actionable insight on which to plan and activate a media campaign. 

This combination of contextual online data, coupled with factual offline data (such as that from Royal Mail) enables us to identify and target the c150k new movers in the UK each month. This data is updated in real-time, and covers both house sale and rental moves. With custom creative we can deliver highly targeted and relevant ads and offers to customers and prospects in-market throughout the home-mover cycle. This improves the effectiveness and efficiency of your marketing as you are able to send communications in real time at specific points of need.

By identifying where an individual is within the home-mover cycle (from Pre-Mover through to Move Homemaker) it’s possible for advertisers to reach home buyers at the exact time when they need their product, in a compelling and contextually appropriate way.

Moving On from digital only

This isn’t just relevant to digital campaigns. With a vast data-set of 20 million people plugged in through Skyrise, cross referenced against Royal Mail data this is robust data rather than just intent data. Not only does this mean budgets will go further by working much harder, but we can create true omnichannel campaigns targeting home-mover markets. 

As one of the main outputs from Skyrise is movement behaviour alongside time of day/day of week, DOOH is clearly a natural fit. With programmatic buys now possible for DOOH, it’s easy to see how identifying a target audience, then pinning that audience to specific locations and times of day is an absolute game changer for the channel. By using data in this way we’re able to massively cut down on wastage, only activating when and where we can be most impactful. 

Any quick win tactics to try?

Absolutely. Amazon is the best place to start for that. Amazon is the only platform you can target ‘recent movers’ at speed. You could do it tomorrow. There are thousands of categories you can target using Behavioural Targeting on Amazon DSP but the one we’re interested in here is ‘recent movers’. You can show display, video, or OTT ads to people who’ve recently moved house. People tell Amazon as soon as they’ve moved as they don’t want stuff going to their old address.  

You can target pre-movers audiences by targeting people who have viewed or purchased moving related ASINs, such as packaging, bubble wrap, boxes and tape or search for these product keywords, or bought similar products. 

Can I target Home-Movers on Google?

It’s difficult for paid search, directly from the Adwords platform. You can target life events as an audience through YouTube, Gmail and Display, but since launching this in 2018 Google haven’t really made much fanfare about it. That  tends to indicate there isn’t much success to shout about.

Like all activation on Google, more robust and granular audience insight is a huge benefit. As mentioned above, we can help you with that, and given that 65% of home movers are in-market for your product right now, why wouldn’t you want to understand them?


Targeting home-movers is a hugely competitive landscape but that doesn’t mean you can’t cut through. By harnessing the power of mobile phone data we can help make your marketing campaigns more effective than your competitors. 

We can create high quality audiences of home-movers by analysing digital and real world behaviour. Our datasets are highly deterministic and not reliant on panels or surveys that date very quickly. By analysing real time data of home-movers we know what’s happening now and not three or six months ago. This lets us build highly relevant segments that are more likely to drive performance for your advertising budget. With no reliance on cookies or unique identifiers, every audience is built under the strictest privacy controls without ever compromising personal data. All of this provides brands with very powerful insight to guide and power their home moving marketing campaigns.

To find out more about how we can help you with targeting home-movers, and other complex audiences, get in touch.