How Telco Data Can Help Re-engage Customers Post Lockdown

As we move out of another phase of lockdown, we’re helping a number of businesses reopen and welcome visitors and guests back through their doors. These tend to be in sectors that were hit hardest by the pandemic and lockdown. Travel, hospitality and leisure businesses have, in the main, had a pretty volatile twelve plus months, so they’re really keen to re-engage their audience as quickly as possible. 

What is clear is that some people will be more likely than others to re-engage. Habits have changed during the pandemic. Lifestyle has changed. The workplace has changed. Some things will revert back to normal almost overnight, others will take longer. For some, things have been changed forever. Society is in a state of flux.

We’re able to help our clients with this challenge.  Using our unique relationship with Skyrise, we’re able to identify who from a customer audience is most likely to return to a business post-lockdown. 

Time-Shift analysis

A Skyrise time-shift analysis is when we analyse two audiences across different time periods. The two audiences are identical aside from the time period they are taken from.

By accessing the telco data, Skyrise is able to analyse a client’s site and app users. This is all privacy compliant and anonymised. This data has a look back period of two years, allowing us to look at behaviour before and after the pandemic. The primary use case of the data so far has been to help clients understand their current target audiences and activate post-pandemic reopening strategies. 

Using data from the last time lockdown eased we’re able to unearth some fantastic data insights and hypotheses on which to build programmatic media campaigns that will help clients scale.   

In the example below we analysed a pre-pandemic audience in Q1 2020 against users mid-pandemic in Q3 2020, which was the summer reopening period.

The two audiences are then compared through two ways in order to show what has changed over time:

  • Demographic – Skyrise can compare how the composition of the audience has altered between the two time periods. 
  • Geographic – Skyrise can discover locations in which the audience has either increased or decreased.


Once we have built the audiences, we download their audience profile, split by demographics and compare audience sizes between the two time periods. From this we can discover the drop off users. 

In the example below you can see the largest dropped off group, at a 56% drop off, were females 30-34 and 35-39. 

Males 18-24 show the smallest drop off and were clearly more comfortable returning to the property. 


Here, we have mapped drop offs across the UK and discovered areas where a client audience remained strong through Covid and areas that need re-engaging. Blue represents the lowest drop and dark orange represents the highest drop offs.

Post-Pandemic Use

We’re using these insights to inform the targeting strategies for the 2021 re-opening. People have used their mobile devices more than ever throughout lockdown, so nothing gives a more dynamic picture of your audience than telecommunications data.

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