Happy @ Huckletree – our (not so new) home

Incredibly we’ve been in our new home in Huckletree Ancoats approaching twelve months. I’m not sure about you, but this year has flown by at a rate it’s hard to comprehend. We thought it was time to take stock and reflect on what we love about the (not so new) residency.

It's got the best of the best staff

Working with Sound people is something we place huge emphasis on at Regital. It’s a core value so Huckletree was a great fit for us as we loved the vibe and ethos, and especially the sound people. The Huckletree staff are amazing and go out of their way to help any time. Special thanks to Melissa, Will and Marc who we think of as part of our team.

Huckletree Manchester Staff

It’s the Perfect Post-Pandemic Pad

Like everyone else the pandemic changed how we work. The idea of ‘the office’ is no longer simply the place we go to work every day. While we’re mainly office based again, we’re operating flexibly and recognising that home and remote working (to some extent) is now standard for all. Flexibility is key, and Huckletree gives us the ideal balance. We’re getting used to a new normal where the office is busy most days, at capacity on some, and surprising sparse after the quarterly review (well done to the hardcore few who always show!).   

It’s got Fantastic Facilities

While we have the fondest memories of our old office, none of us miss the summer sauna-like conditions or lift issues. Surprisingly we do occasionally miss Brian our faithful concierge (especially Ian for secret postal services). We’ve now got access to first class facilities. Whether that’s slick meeting rooms, or private booths for making calls. Even early morning HIIT classes and yoga are offered as well as other wellness events. Breakfast Tuesdays and Thursday drinks are a great opportunity to meet and connect with other businesses in the building.

But it’s not all complementary lunchtime meditations, boxercise and Thursday shots on offer, Huckletree run a keen growth and ecosystem support programme with their ambassador network which brings together loads of people from all different sectors and focusses with free programming including workshops, female founders events to name but a few.

It’s in Amazing Ancoats

Once the beating heart of Manchester’s industrial past, Ancoats is now the epicentre of all that is cool and contemporary. This is especially true of the city’s food and drink scene. Cutting Room Square has got amazing bars and restaurants, with everything from fine dining, a Michelin starred restaurant to amazing street food, all within walking distance. Cafe wise we’re ridiculously spoilt for choice, as one of the team put it “an excellent flat white and chia seed cronut within a 5 min walk (*cough Jonny!).

Ancoats even has its own artist-in-residence, Dom Dubowitz who’s giant monoliths in Cutting Room Square serve as a permanent nod to the city’s industrial roots.

It’s in Manchester’s Best Building

While design is subjective, class is permanent. Although it looks like a shiny new building it was actually built in 1939 to house the Daily Express newspaper.  It was designed by seminal architect Owen Williams and is widely considered his greatest work. The streamline moderne style featuring curved glass corners and horizontal lines, was era defining. You only have to look at the iconic design of Norman Foster buildings such the Gherkin in London or the Sage in Gateshead to appreciate how ahead of it’s time the Express Building was.

It’s Regital HQ

In what has been a whirlwind twelve months, moving to Huckletree was a stand out highlight for the team. It’s very much Regital’s home now. We’re all loving it. If you haven’t been to see us there, please do. You’ll see some new faces. A lovely new building. But the same Regital welcome and hospitality as always. See you soon.