Drum Digital Awards for Advertising 2022 – Highly Commended

The programmatic partnership between Regital and Skyrise was highly commended at the Drum Awards for Digital Advertising 2022. 

Everyone knows that The Drum Awards attract the very best the industry has to offer. We’re delighted to have been recognised by our peers against some world class competition.   

Speaking about the award, Regital’s managing director Paul Barnard said:

The award is fantastic validation of Regital’s decision to embed Skyrise into everything we do. With more screens being bought programmatically, and with the cookie apocalypse on the horizon we took a strategic decision to move away from pure performance campaigns, and use cookieless solutions across the board. By integrating Skyrise Intelligence we’ve been able to harness the power of mobile phone data to build an agnostic, interoperable programmatic ecosystem which allows advertisers and agencies to plan, activate and measure multi-channel campaigns, without using cookies.

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Highly Commended Programmatic Partnership

Prior to working with Skyrise, Regital took a standard programmatic approach to profile, activate and measure campaigns. Third-party cookies and pixels were used to collate data, with activation generally taking place in silo. The use of cookies led to a reliance on data without question which did not necessarily serve advertisers’ interests. Data was counted rather than interpreted, and ‘performance’ was generally the only thing that mattered.

During the pandemic Regital noticed marketing decisions shortened. It needed a rich data source that could inform all activity in an agile way suitable for a fast moving, fluid world. If advertisers make media plans and target customers based on data that’s even a few months old, they are at risk of wasted spend due simply to data inaccuracies. Never before had the need for accurate and up to date insight been more important.

Using audience insights from Skyrise the business was able to profile, activate and analyse from on a vast data-set of 20 million mobile use of the UK population. Mobile network data is unmatched at describing modern consumers. The data science team works with the UK’s largest telcos to define web and app usage, as well as monitor location and movement data across an audience of 20 million+ every minute, of every day. It is the most complete and up to date data source available.


Regital have been able to differentiate themselves as cookieless solutions providers building innovative campaigns by leveraging Skyrise outputs. Skyrise Intelligence have been able to give the planning team at Regital a uniquely connected view of digital web and app consumption joined to location and movement patterns. This creates audience insights to help advertisers look at the past, evaluate the present and predict upcoming trends without any reliance on cookies or other individual identifiers.

This can be supercharged further when the data-team layer on additional third party data sets. For example by integrating IRI data in pre-campaign planning alongside anonymised mobile network data from Skyrise Intelligence they created an end-to-end data led approach, identifying new and potential customers for an FMCG brand. It allowed the brand to go beyond the usual planning and measurement methodology, with deep detailed insights uncovering the greatest opportunities by region, and aligning this insight with rich audience and geo-temporal data.

The IRI data analysis factored the market share index of the brand against the product category alongside the category sales trend and relevant retailer location details for each segment. This enabled regions of interest for campaign activation to be identified by indexing sales across the UK. The shortlisted segments spanned high opportunity segments, to more ‘stable’ and effectively neutral segments. 

Having identified ‘where to target’, Regital’ planners moved on to ‘who to target’. Using rich anonymised mobile network data from Skyrise Intelligence, a faithful representation of the brand persona was created. This utilised key online data signals that yielded actionable insights into this audiences’ media imperatives and geo-temporal accessibility.

The Regital data team were able to layer the Skyrise output, comprising over 300k postcodes and an estimated.15.8m individuals, with the IRI ProScore data to create unique audience segments that once applied within the DSP, allowed the brand to efficiently and effectively reach the target persona. Put simply, this was a significant departure from the typical ‘broad reach’ FMCG approach, and much more aligned with the brands desire to deliver meaningful interactions across brand touch points.


Using data insight from Skyrise Intelligence  Regital are able to identify high indexing channels on which to target. 

For display and video that might focus on the highest indexing segments and top indexing domains, who fall into the top spending segments. Using data insight from Skyrise and map-centric modelling Regital are able to analyse OOH screens score against specific audiences and spatial data. This provided more stable results, as it prevents the impact of outliers and prioritises locations with a higher number of users seen in their proximity. Skyrise’s dayparting system provides insight on the audience by day and hour of the week, which we were able to analyse at a poster level.

Regital analysts are able to blend core demographics with digital behaviours exploring interactions with brands, lifestyle content consumption and social platform preferences along with real world activities such as which concerts they attend and where and how frequently they eat out.

With this unique data driven approach to audience planning there is a hugely rich data set on which to activate campaign activity flexibly.

The flexible campaign activation Skyrise allows Regital to do is perhaps best illustrated when looking at events. An agency client wanted to target audiences at luxury events around London for a beauty brand. The client wanted to target the most relevant events their audience was attending over the summer period. Using Skyrise Intelligence we were able to select the most effective times and places to activate DOOH activity. The client was able to cover off transport hubs and commuting points around the venues, with timed activation based upon the schedule of events to coincide with audience movements and flow. Ultimately this allowed them to dominate the audience space, for a fraction of the cost a traditional media buy would have been.


In the omni-channel, multi-device era, clients are using more goal-oriented metrics to measure success. Regital are able to use Skyrise Intelligence to show clients things like geo-specific market share, to understand what is delivering results. Agencies and advertisers can then use these insights on audience and campaigns to optimise in the instant to achieve more of what matters, whether that’s growing, conquesting or defending.

Show clients where the market is most receptive and growing the fastest, or where market opportunity is the greatest but client share has room to grow. The data can uncover areas of greatest hostility where competitors are eroding a client’s market share or where it is thriving, and could be developed further.