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Amazon Search trends : 09.04.2020

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With a very different Easter on the cards for most of us, we analysed the weekly Amazon search trends. While some things will never change (chocolate eggs and DIY), search habits have clearly been influenced by the lockdown.

Most popular searches

Easter Fun Planning and Preparation

While it was no great surprise to see Easter Eggs featuring heavily in the weekly search terms,  it was surprising to find that the term ‘easter eggs’ appeared in the top 250k search term at the start of December. That’s some impressive forward planning, but real demand only started picking up in early February rising steadily to peak this week. It will almost certainly disappear next week, save for the forgetful few.

Keeping the kids (and adults) entertained at home continues to be a key focus for many. Jigsaw puzzles for adults is in the top 10 for the second week running and Lego is back up there after a brief dip, after the rankings were dominated by every possible search variation of face masks, hand sanitiser and toilet rolls for a while. Looking slightly down the rankings we see colouring books also featuring highly alongside games consoles (Nintendo Switch/PS4) and good old fashioned board games.

Do It Yourself During Easter Isolation

As is tradition around Easter, we see the nation’s home improvement aficionados coming out in force with indoor and outdoor paint, compost, grass seed, solar lighting and garden furniture sets all creeping further up the top 100 rankings this week.  More considered, bigger ticket purchases in home improvement are also on the cards with BBQs and Hot Tubs making it into the top 100 this week. The trend for those of us who are determined to create paradise in self isolation is one we expect to see grow over the next few weeks.

And extending the DIY theme somewhat, it seems to be dawning on many of us that we won’t get a haircut for a while. Searches for all things home barbering are on the increase, with hair clippers the most popular (and least risky option), as well as hairdressing scissors and various nail kits making it into the top 100.

Fastest Climbing Terms

A snapshot of the top 10 fastest climbing terms shows that we’re all still committed to drinking our way through lockdown, our ‘home office’ is still being fine tuned and Easter is clearly upon us. 


The great british lock-in continues with cocktails topping the trending search charts this week in the form of kegs of ready mixed pornstar martinis.

Searches are at a 12 month high for cocktails, exceeding the peaks typically seen around Xmas and summer.

This reflects a general rise in demand for all types of alcohol as we prepare for the long days and nights at home and look to replicate the Great British pub experience virtually with friends and family.


Consumer electronics giant Belkin have seen a boom in the past week as we continue to kit out our homes for remote working.

Top products being bought include surge protection extension leads and wireless chargers for smartphones and smart watches.  Not the sexiest items on your shopping list but essential none the less.

Curiously these product search terms have seen a dip in rank since the start of the Covid-19 crisis, perhaps simply bumped down the ranking by searches for face masks, hand sanitizer and toilet roll, but they have all started to bounce back in recent weeks:

Demand for ‘home office’ products in general remains high with desks, chairs and other workstation accessories topping the charts to  ensure we remain productive and comfortable as ‘WFH’ becomes the new normal.

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