Amazon Trends – 24th April 2020

Amazon trends : 24.04.2020

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As was to be expected, the lockdown has dramatically changed consumer spending. When we analysed Amazon trends this week, it’s clear that improving our home office environments and fitness facilities are front of mind.

Most popular searches

The top 10 searches this past week highlight a resurgent interest in face masks as government guidance to wearing them in public sweeps the continent and is looking likely to come to our shores.

Low cost fitness equipment, especially space efficient home exercise equipment seems to be sweeping the nation. We’re talking yoga mats and resistance bands here. Personal grooming continues to creep higher up the agenda, with those of us still sporting a scraggy mop, getting ever closer to succumbing to the idea of shaving it all off.

Extending our view into the top 100, we see the above trends continued with rising popularity of skipping ropes, dumbbells and hair clippers.

Technology purchases have surged into and up the top rankings, with laptops, kindles and iPads all on the rise.  Together with buying smaller accessories such as headphones and webcams as we continue to video call our way through lockdown.

Fastest Trending Terms 

A snapshot of the top 10 fastest trending terms shines a light on our national (and global) togetherness, the latest craze in keeping the kids entertained and why an englishman’s shed is now his castle.

Here’s the story behind some of these trends:

Red, white and blue bunting

As the nation continues to do our bit and make the best of lockdown, our current sense of togetherness and shared austerity echoes of days gone by where the nation and wider world rallied as one.

The upcoming VE day 75th anniversary celebrations on the 8th-9th May, will undoubtedly be muted in comparison to what was planned, but with patriotic bunting at the top of the trending searches this week, it looks like the british public plan to mark the occasion in style at home and show their solidarity to soldier on as generations before them did.

Judging by the top VE day terms being searched, we should expect to see bunting, flags and period costumes in homes across the nation, with plans being made for the past 3 weeks now.

Bunting for Britain

One world together at home

Extending this theme we saw the nation come together last weekend to watch the One World Together at Home concert, drawing 6m viewers at peak on BBC1.  Shared entertainment experiences have been a key feature of lockdown with Covid-19 proof shows such as Have I Got News for You, The Graham Norton and Britain’s Got Talent all doing markedly better than usual.

Wiggle Bubble

Want to know the latest craze for keeping the kids entertained, well wait no longer. Introducing the Wiggle Bubble! 

Voted the 2020 children’s product in the UK, this mysterious ball of fun will apparently keep the kids and parents entertained for hours on end.  Perhaps most useful as a human sized stress ball for those of us juggling the demands of work and home whilst not having had a shower for several days!

Fence (and shed) paint

Home improvement has featured in the top 100 search terms for the past few weeks as we’ve all endeavoured to tidy up the home and garden whilst in lockdown and the trend shows no sign of letting up.

‘Shedquarters’ as it’s now affectionately known in our household, has become my work HQ for the past month and in that time I’ve installed wifi, heating and a desk to create my own private office and suburban paradise away from the kids.

It turns out i’m not alone with UK demand peaking this last week for shed paint, significantly higher up the rankings versus the same time 12 months ago.

And by far and away the most popular colour to paint your shed these days is grey, like a castle of course.

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