New Amazon Partnership

Regital is delighted to announce a new partnership with Amazon Advertising that gives marketers and agencies access to programmatic advertising through the Amazon DSP, without the monthly minimums usually required on the platform.

Through the partnership, Regital will support brands and sellers with strategic insights and proprietary tools to maximise sales on Amazon and other e-commerce marketplaces. The company is working with ex-Amazonian senior business leaders providing clients strategy and content advice from an approved Amazon MWS developer.

With consumers increasingly using Amazon over Google, to discover, research and purchase products, Regital now allow marketers and brands the opportunity to create connections with in-market shoppers. Accessing these strategic services and support direct from Amazon, is typically only available to brands and advertisers spending over £10,000 per month.

With Regital’s unique strategic relationships, these previously out of reach services are now available for advertisers of all sizes. Brands and sellers can build unique audiences based on interactions and search intent on Amazon. This allows advertisers the ability to understand the relationship and attribution between marketing activity and shopping behaviors on Amazon.

Speaking about the partnership Paul Barnard, Board Director of Regital said,

“The Amazon DSP is an exciting opportunity for Regital to help advertisers and agencies grow their businesses. As programmatic specialists, we see the platform is full of valuable insight and performance data, that we can use to fuel programmatic campaigns for our clients. One of the major benefits of the Amazon DSP is that it gives amazing intent signals, so a brand can find their audience exactly where they are in the buying cycle.”

Amazon now accounts for more product searches than Google, but despite this only 9% of ad revenue goes to Amazon versus 37% to Google. In addition to advertising on the Amazon website and apps, only the Amazon DSP enables advertisers to reach Amazon audiences wherever they are online. 90% of retailers that sell on Amazon also advertise on Amazon search, but only 10% also use Amazon display advertising. This presents a substantial opportunity for those not using display to increase market share by leveraging Amazon’s audience reach.